Low Carb Diet

Learn Why High-Carb Food Intake is Worse than High Fat Reveals High Carbohydrate Intake Worse than High Fat for Blood Lipids

This study indicates that high consumption of carbohydrates may have an adverse effect on your heart health. The study questions the benefits of diets that are of low-fat but high in carbohydrates with foods containing grains such as bread cereals pasta rice and other foods that are high in carbohydrates.

The study, presented by researchers from McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, addresses how carbohydrate and fat intake affected blood lipid profiles in 145.000 individuals living in nineteen low- to high-income countries. The researchers conclude that the message to reduce the intake of saturated fats for the purpose of lowering cholesterol and thus decrease risk of cardiovascular disease may be misleading For decades, blood cholesterol was assumed to be a robust surrogate marker to predict the risk of heart disease. A reduction in saturated fats is recommended to reduce cholesterol levels, and carbohydrates are placed at the bottom of the food pyramid, mainly because they tend to lower cholesterol levels. High Carbohydrate Intake Worse than High Fat for Blood Lipids.

The fact is that low-carb dieters pay little attention to their saturated fat intake and tend to lose weight and be overall healthier.